Friday, April 28, 2006

Daytime Emmy Awards 2006

First of all, we discovered that Soap Opera fans are very similar to the women of the Scrapbooking cult - most are fat, middle-aged housewives (I know, I know - pot/kettle/black - I get it). Then, we discovered that many of the stars apparently take the worst dressed nominations from the other awards shows and try to worsen it. And then there was Kelly Monaco wishing she was Jessica Alba. But I digress.....meow.

We sat in our actual seats for an hour or so and then the true stalking began. We went out to the lobby and lurked near the bar, restrooms, elevators where we had some excellent star sightings. Although we "saw" tons of people in the audience, I'm not counting them as actual sightings unless they were within a 6 foot radius. I didn't get pictures of everyone I saw because I spent the majority of the evening saying "OMG, OMG, OMG". Also, the minute someone walked up, I got all flustered and couldn't even remember their names and I didn't want to be a true geek and call them by their character's name. And sometimes, my sorority manners actually kicked in and if they were on the way to the bathroom or were in the middle of a conversation, I didn't butt in. Shocking, I know. Although I have to admit we followed Peter Bergman to the restroom and waited for him to come out. *(See below for a listing of up-close sightings.)

We made friends with the security people at the doors, even to the point where once we went out and while I was getting out my ticket to show on the way back in, the lady said "that's okay, I remember you". So needless to say we spent more time running around all evening than actually watching the awards. Finally, toward the end, an important security guard kicked us out of the lobby and told us to go back to our high-altitude seats. Rude, huh? So instead we walked outside to get a prime location for the red carpet exit.

And then the crowning moment of the evening.....the crew from the Ellen show walked out holding all their Emmys and as I was furiously snapping pictures, a producer walked over to me, handed me his Emmy, took my camera, and took a picture of us holding it - just out of the blue!

Check out the death grip I have on that thing. You can believe the picture is getting blown up and hung over the mantel. I might have it redone as an oil painting. Someone naively asked me "How can someone look so proud holding another person's award?" Puh-lease! I've been rehearsing this moment with the voices in my head for years! This was my 15 seconds of fame where my fantasy life became reality.....sorta. Okay, so I still have trouble with that distinction.

After everyone was safely out of the Kodak and neither Jilly G nor I were in handcuffs, we went upstairs to Wolfgang Pucks for dinner with the stars. We sat next to Crystal Chappell (nominee for best supporting actress) and her husband, Michael Sabatino, who used to be on Knots Landing. At the table behind us was Bobbie Eakes (nominee for best actress) and all the hot guys from One Life to Live were two tables over. I seriously thought I was going to have whiplash from all the extreme gawking.

I'm sure I've forgotten a few details, but all in all, it was quite possibly THE MOST FUN EVER!!!!! And it definitely does not suck to live in Hollywood! (Click here to see ALL pictures.)

*Star sightings up close and personal (I don't remember exact locations for some)
Bobbie Eakes (AMC) at the table behind us at Wolfgangs
Jacob Young (AMC) in my arms (picture above)!
Maura West (ATWT)
Jason Cook (DOOL) on the stairway in the lobby
Tek Kramer (DOOL)
Tony Geary (GH) on the way to the elevators with an entourage of security (oh brother - he's not all that)
Crystal Chappell (GL) and husband from Knots Landing sat next to us at Wolfgangs
Kim Zimmer (GL) on the way to the ladies room
Bree Williamson (OLTL)
Dan Gauthier (OLTL) at a table in Wolfgangs
David Fumero (OLTL) at the bar in Wolfgangs
John-Paul Lavosier (OLTL) on the escalator outside the Kodak (I almost fell off)
Josh Casaubon (OLTL) at a table in Wolfgangs
Kamar De Los Reyes (OLTL) in the lobby
Melissa Gallo (OLTL) at the bar in Wolfgangs
Nathaniel Marston (OLTL) in my arms (picture above) and Jilly G's
Trevor St John (OLTL) at a table in Wolfgangs
Tuc Watkins (OLTL) on the escalator outside the Kodak (I almost fell off)
Christel Khalil (YR)
Davetta Sherwood (YR)
Don Diamont (YR)
John Enos (YR)
Kristoff St. John (YR)
Peter Bergmen (YR) on his way back from the restroom and then in Jilly G's arms (picture above)
Thad Luckinville (YR) in Jilly G's arms (picture above)
Ellen's producers on the red carpet - my new best friends!
Joy and Star from The View in the lobby
Martha Stewart on the red carpet
Chandra Wilson from Greys Anatomy on the red carpet
McKenzie Westmore
Ben Graciano

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