Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Writer's Block

I have about 10 half-written blogs and 100+ un-downloaded pictures clogging up my to-do list right now. Oh yeah, and I have a job. Oh yeah, and I have a really busy schedule of star-stalking to attend to. (I met Matthew McConaughey.....I promise more details and pictures are forthcoming.) Needless to say, my grandiose writing plans have gone awry.

So, imagine my surprise when I flipped to The Martha Stewart Show and they were doing a show on blogging! Does Martha exist solely to make me feel incompetent? I mean, I can't cook or bake, I never finish my crafts, and now I can't even blog up to Martha standards. Damn that woman!

However, I attended the UCLA Writers Faire a couple of weeks ago and one of the authors was saying how it's okay to write out of order. If you get stuck in a boring rut, just skip ahead to another part of the story and then come back later. What?! And - get this - the first draft doesn't have to be perfect. Huh?! Now that's just crazy talk!

Moral to the story: My upcoming entries might be out of order, so you might be reading about August events in January and last week's events this week. (You might even have to scroll down a few to get caught up.) However, at least you'll be reading something. Oh, and did I mention Matthew McConaughey?

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Lee Ann Spillane: said...

Love it! I've long written out of order--perhaps that explains the gathering of journals in my office
: ) I want to see the McConaughey shots!