Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh, Poo!

First of all, I stole this commentary off of someone else's blog. So sue me. But seriously, give me a break. I can barely pull myself up out of my depression-induced fetal position to send out 20 resumes a day (which are subsequently sent to some big "we're not hiring right now, but we'll keep it on file" warehouse in the sky) and you want me to write an original thought, too?! Yeah right. All my creative energy went into that padded resume.

So I was reading this blog on germs, which doesn't get me too worked up usually. After all, I taught germy little middle schoolers for many years. However, this ewww factor is right up there with Chinese toilets. Newsflash: There’s poo in your laundry! "A report from ABC News states that there is about 0.1 gram of fecal material in a piece of underwear, which adds up to approximately 100 million E. coli bacteria in an average undergarment load." Um, ga-ross. And get this, if you do the green thing and wash in cold water, those cooties hang out and contaminate your hands as you put it in the dryer. Um, double ga-ross.

Fortunately, this blogger I so blatantly plagiarized posted some easy solutions to avoid poo-cooties:

  • Wash all undergarments in the same load and make it the last load of the day to avoid contaminating successive loads.
  • If you don’t use hot water for cleaning, consider using it just for underwear loads.
  • Don’t let laundry sit between wash and dry cycles as this gives germs a chance to multiply.
  • If you don’t dry your laundry on high heat for a full cycle, consider doing so just for underwear loads.
  • Wash hands after putting wet laundry in the dryer.
  • Don’t place dirty laundry on the folding/sorting table where clean laundry will be placed.
  • Don’t put clean laundry back in the dirty hamper to bring it back to the dresser.
And there you have it.....the most I have to offer these days are "Hints from Heloise". Stay tuned for some delicious tuna casserole recipes next week. K...M...N...

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Erica said...

Cindy, I would love for you to link to my site. Thanks for checking it out, and thanks for asking!

By the way, you would be even more grossed out to know that your kitched sink is germier than your toilet water. I guess you know it now...