Sunday, May 25, 2008


Macau is an island 35 miles across the Pearl River from Hong Kong. To get there, you have to take a speedboat ferry, which is huge and has seating like the airlines. (Click images to enlarge.)
Way back when, China gave Macau to Portugal if they promised to get rid of the pirates. I guess they succeeded since I didn't see any pirates. About 10 years ago, Portugal gave it back to China, so now it's one of those special territories like Hong Kong - kinda like a knock-off-China. Most importantly, it's like a mini-Vegas with all its casinos, hotels, shopping, and restaurants.
Discovered this delectable little tidbit in one of the markets: Filet of Piglet. Did not try it.
We worked up quite an appetite after wandering through the marketplace, so we went far far away to Hac Sa beach to Fernando's for a non-piglet, Sangria-soaked lunch. Yes, the tour book really said "Sangria-soaked". And yes, it was. The food was great also.
After lunch, we went on a wild gambling spree. I think I lost a total of $50 HKD, which is really only about $6 USD. The best part of the casino adventure was getting stopped by the bouncer on our way in because....."only 18-yr-olds can go in".....seriously, that's what he said to us. After we picked our mouths up off the floor, explained to him that we were, and assured him we had passports that would prove we 18, he let us go in. I love this place! (Click here to see ALL pictures.)

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