Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Words on Wednesday

Words on Wednesday is my latest creation where I will impart a little English teacher goodness to the masses. I figure with all the teacher layoffs, budget cuts, and school closings, I should do my part to prevent the dumbing down of society. Of course I realize that boat might've already sailed. Actually, I really just need a forum in which to bitch about my grammar pet peeves. (Grammar on Wednesday didn't have the alliteration thing going for it.) Plus, I miss teaching. Not to be confused with babysitting. So anyway, here we go - week 1, lesson 1. And yes, it's on the test.
  • Pet peeve numero uno (ask any of my 2000 former students).....A lot is 2 words. A (space) lot, not alot. It's that simple. Not a lot of brain power required to remember that one. (Learn more about the alot.)
  • Of is not a verb...have is...they are not interchangeable. For example: He should have listened to his English teacher. Not: He should of listened to his English teacher.
Please feel free to contribute any of your own peeves and I will gladly post them. Until next week.....Love, The Grammar Police


JillyG said...

Well for deaf people like me, "should've" sounds a lot like "should of," so I sometimes overlook that in the verbal sense; however, on paper, it is a disgrace! (Note my use of "a lot" in previous sentence).

CBW said...

Since I'm from the South, I would never even begin to criticize the slurring together of words. It's just when I have to look at butchered writing that my head begins to spin.