Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Words on Wednesday

Lesson 1 TEST - I told you there'd be a test! What, you thought I was kidding? Oh ye of little faith! Here goes... Based on the underlined word(s), choose the correct sentence/phrase:
#1A. I love Jake Gyllenhaal alot.
B. I also love Colin Farrell allott.
C. I spend a lot of time stalking Jake and Colin.
D. I also spend allot of time in the fantasyland that is my mind.
#2A. I should of met Jake or Colin by now.
B. If only I would of stalked them a little more.
C. I could of been Jake's girlfriend instead of Reese.
D. Or maybe I could have made a home movie with Colin.
If you chose C for #1 and D for #2, congratulations! You are the next contestant on "The Answer is Right" - c'mon down. If you did not select the correct answers, click here to review.

Week 2, Lesson 2 was hard to pick. I've been overwhelmed with requests, which makes my heart sing. This means I am not the only member of the GP squad. Yay for all of us who sweat the small stuff.

I'm going to go with the Lose vs. Loose mystery this week:

  • Lose (verb) rhymes with ooze and means to misplace something; Loser (noun) rhymes with boozer and sometimes if you're a boozer, you're also a loser. Not always, though.
  • Loose (adjective) rhymes with goose and means, well, let's just say "not tight"; Looser (adjective) rhymes with gooser. Yeah, I know it's not a word, but I couldn't find a real word that rhymed.

Although it all seems simple enough on the surface, when writing it out it gets confusing because they both have an "ooooo" sound so we tend to throw in an extra "o". I guess the easiest way to remember this one is to think of the signs in Vegas that say "loose slots". Now why would they advertise slot machines that you would lose (misplace) money in? They wouldn't. They're advertising slot machines that are not tight, in other words, machines that will give it up rather easily. Your money, that is. I think I saw this casino ad once and it's the perfect example: Only a loser would look anywhere else for looser slots.

Yup - it'll be on the test. Until next week.....Love, The Grammar Police


Cindy said...

Oooh! The infamous lose/loose conundrum! My favorite way to educate people is to tell them that when your pants are too LOOSE you will probably LOSE them at some point. Hahahaha! Okay, maybe it's only funny to me...? :) Anyway, great lesson!

CBW said...

Oh - I like that one! I'll use it for my test next week.

Cindy said...

Awesome!! Care do to a lesson on the misuse of sight/site/cite? I'm sick and tired of viewing web'sights' or web'cites'. :)

Erica said...

Do one on "which" vs "that" or where to put commas in lists! Thanks for sharing what drives us crazy people crazier :)