Monday, January 1, 2018

Fun 52

Have you ever noticed how time seems to fly by the older we get? Think of how many conversations start with, "Can you believe it's already insertamonthorholiday? Seems like it was just insertanothermonthorholiday!" Have you ever heard a kid say, "Can you believe it's already summer vacation? This school year just flew by!" Of course not! They're always thinking, "Are we there, yet?"

Well, I finally figured it out. As adults, we really only have 52 days in a year. Think about it. Monday through Friday is workworkwork, and then at least one weekend day is spent doing chores, which leaves you with one day a week to do something fun. So, ever since I realized this, I've decided to spend those 52 days in 2018 actually doing something fun. And, believe it or not, snoozing on the couch while watching an all day marathon of Law and Order reruns does not count as real fun.

Adventures forthcoming - stay tuned! (p.s. Suggestions always welcome!)

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