Sunday, November 19, 2017

Runners, On Your Mark...

Race day is here and I'm ashamed to say that I didn't train much this year. All that talk last year when I was incapacitated that I would never take being a biped for granted ever again...remember that? Remember my proclamation that once my bionic leg was ready for action, I would never waste time on the couch when I could be out walking or running? Ring a bell? Let's just say that all those good intentions paved a pretty sturdy path downstairs. Of course the only logical thing to do was to wimp out and downgrade from the half-marathon to the 10K. Then, just because I wasn't feeling guilty enough about my laziness, I saw a guy with one leg, on crutches, wearing a half-marathon bib. Shame on me.

Once I put aside my guilt, I joined in the pre-race festivities, which included lots of dancing, selfies, and meeting fun people - the usual.

The race itself was great with a flat course, sunny weather, and beautiful views along the Malec√≥n.

Then, the unimaginable occurred...they ran out of medals! Oh, the horror! No, seriously, I'm talking complete and utter horror! If you don't already know this, I'm here to tell you that the ONLY reason we get up at the crack of dawn and trek mile after mile is FOR. THE. BLING. No other reason. Fitness, endorphins, runners high, blahblahblah, whatever. BLING. Period. So when they ran out of medals midway through the 10K and still had runners out on the course, oblivious to their impending disappointment...uh oh. Needless to say, chaos ensued. It was pretty likely that we would have been crushed in the crowd had we stayed in the general area, so we left and went in search of adult beverages. Long story short, we figured the medals were stolen because later that day some street kids tried to sell them to us. Crazy, huh?

BTW, Jilly G got her medal because she finished way ahead of me and then she gave it to me, because that's just how sweet she is.

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